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Recycling Site

We accept:

Yard waste: including leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, and pine needles... FREE!  We recycle it into compost and loam.

  Brush, stumps, and logs of any length.

  Fill or clay: Mixed and clean.

  Concrete, asphalt, and brick demolition from remodeling projects.  We use a grinding machine to separate and sort the re-bar and the concrete, and make ABC hardener.  Not only does recycling this material avoid filling our landfills, it also makes an excellent fill or road sub base.

These waste items are then recycled into:

    Screened Loam (1/2" minus)
    Compost Loam 

    Cape Cod Natural Mulches
    Wood Chips (screened)

    ABC (asphalt, brick, concrete)